Summer wedding invitation…What to wear?

Over a month ago, I was invited to a summer outdoor wedding in Louisiana.  Weddings have cake, so yes was the obvious answer, but whatever was I going to wear?  I kept waffling back and forth on wearing a dress from my closet, or shopping for a new one.  Indecisive me took  her time mulling it over and still had nothing the week of the wedding.  Shame on me, I know.

Two days before the wedding, I came across a blog post from OonaBalloona where she made a simple self-drafted pattern dress.  I thought, with 3 yards of jersey I could do the same thing! And wouldn’t you know it,  Hancock Fabrics started a 30% off knits and jersey sale that day, so it was my first stop after work.  An evening of sewing later, and I had a dress for the wedding.  It was a great choice, as it was hot and humid and although I was sweating the fabric of the dress didn’t show it.


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