Aerial Silks Saturday – 3 Moves in 1 Day :)

Silks class was great today.  I nailed the single silk foot knot in the air on the first try! I was taught this skill last week, and was only able to do it twice then (and it wasn’t pretty lol). Not to mention, I accidentally erased the video from last week, so there were no pictures of the move also shown above, Star.

After getting over the excitement of my immediate success climbing and doing a single silk foot knot in the air, I learned Butterfly and Witch’s Broom.

I also learned another move that will take some work to get into and hold.  Pics of that will have to wait until I get stronger.  Mastering the single silk foot knot in the air opens up so many possibilities, and now I need to work on making the transition from climbing to knot smooth and graceful. 🙂  Happy Saturday!


Excuse Me, Where Did You Get That Dress?

When it comes to sewing, there are few things more gratifying than when someone asking who you’re wearing or where you got it, and you get to respond, “Me!” or “I made it.”  That happened today while trying to take pictures for this post. 🙂

Initially, this was going to be a cowl neck top.  I bought a yard of a stretchy coral knit (with silver nubs that made it sparkly) to use as a trial run, but it looked so promising as i was cutting it out that I decided to take the plunge and make a body hugging dress with slits to the sky! Okay, not quite, but close :).  The initial dress worked, except for a slight issue.  That darn knit was quite stretchy and wrapping my body with it made it see through! I have a pic of the unlined version that I’m not posting, but trust me, you could see through it.  So back to the fabric store I went, to purchase one more yard with which to line it.  Another dress later, and BAM!

The moral of this story is, always get enough fabric to line your garment the first time.  Even if you decide later you that don’t need a lining, you can use that fabric for another item that SURPRISE! It’s see-through!

Skills I learned/accomplished with this dress are, stabilizing seams prone to stretching, and the geometry for a basic cowl neck.


Aerial Silks Saturday – Rotisserie and Scorpion


I’ve had an unfortunate three week break from aerial silks.  One week, class was canceled, unfortunately this was not discovered until after I got there. The next week, I was at New Orleans Dance Mardi Gras for my West Coast Swing fix.  The third week, I attended the United Bayou Belly Festival in Lafayette for a day of workshops.100E2827

Of course I had forgotten some of the new stuff from 4 weeks ago (I should have written them down, shame on me), but I remembered Rotisserie (pictured above) and learned Scorpion (pictured below).



Ghawazee Coat (Simplicity pattern 2159) and Sword fun :)

It seems that as a belly dancer we never have enough….costuming!  It’s inappropriate to walk around in visible costume if you’re at a performance and not performing, so we are supposed to be suitably covered up (yet ready to dance at a moment’s notice).  In the Louisiana summer a  modified take on a traditional Ghawazee Coat is perfect.  For an ATS or tribal dancer the side slits allow your 25 yard skirt to flow, and they look great with harem pants too.

Somehow a beautiful brown and gold brocade at Joann’s made it to the clearance section, I knew it had to be my summer coverup.  So one Monday, after work, I sewed one up using the Simplicity pattern 2159 as a base.











As a pattern review, I used View A, omitted sleeves, ignored lining and facing instructions, enlarged the armholes, inserted a zipper closure instead of frogs or buttons, and narrow hemmed the entire coat.  I have used the pattern before and would use again with modifications, of course.

Now for some sword fun!