Excuse Me, Where Did You Get That Dress?

When it comes to sewing, there are few things more gratifying than when someone asking who you’re wearing or where you got it, and you get to respond, “Me!” or “I made it.”  That happened today while trying to take pictures for this post. 🙂

Initially, this was going to be a cowl neck top.  I bought a yard of a stretchy coral knit (with silver nubs that made it sparkly) to use as a trial run, but it looked so promising as i was cutting it out that I decided to take the plunge and make a body hugging dress with slits to the sky! Okay, not quite, but close :).  The initial dress worked, except for a slight issue.  That darn knit was quite stretchy and wrapping my body with it made it see through! I have a pic of the unlined version that I’m not posting, but trust me, you could see through it.  So back to the fabric store I went, to purchase one more yard with which to line it.  Another dress later, and BAM!

The moral of this story is, always get enough fabric to line your garment the first time.  Even if you decide later you that don’t need a lining, you can use that fabric for another item that SURPRISE! It’s see-through!

Skills I learned/accomplished with this dress are, stabilizing seams prone to stretching, and the geometry for a basic cowl neck.



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