Wrapped Up My First Wrap Dress!


I was perusing the internet and found a free pattern for a Japanese-style wraparound dress on the Bernina website.

I thought it was adorable, and downloaded the pattern immediately.  I immediately started making it, cutting out the smallest size as per my normal habit.  I was hoping for a “wearable muslin”, and started with some slinky red satin I had gotten on sale.  Since this pattern has raglan-style sleeves, I couldn’t really try the fit until it was almost done.  Once I got the sleeves on, I noticed two things.  The collar didn’t come together, but more importantly, for the first time ever, it was too small!  Darn German pattern! LOL So, I went to the store, picked up some random inexpensive fabric to do another muslin, this time following the sizing chart making one 2 sizes up.  That one fit, although the collar still didn’t come together.  I really disliked the fabric I made the second muslin out of so there’s no way that’s seeing the light of day.  Fast forward a couple weeks and I found myself in Hancock touching this pretty sheer floral chiffon of white, yellows, and pinks, and not to far from it was a yellow lining fabric (all on sale, of course!)  It had to be mine and this pattern was perfect. The collar still didn’t come together, but who cares? I rounded it off, and called it a day.



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