Drapey Tops Are In, Right? – McCalls 6841 Pattern Review


Whether they are or not, I made two! 🙂 McCalls 6841 is an easy drapey top pattern with two sleeveless variations and a long sleeve variation.  Considering I live in Louisiana and it’s still 90 degrees most days, I made the two sleeveless variations.  The version shown above is View B.  Let’s talk about that one first.  I actually used a recommended fabric and went with a sheer stretchy knit that I use to test patterns (meaning it normally doesn’t get seen).  i know the pattern on the fabric isn’t the greatest but technically this was a wearable muslin 🙂

Moving on to view A, this was actually the first one I made.  The night I picked up the pattern, I walked past this print on the clearance table, and knew it would be perfect for it. 🙂  I was tired and decided I wasn’t making a muslin to test, I was going for it with my new fabric and I wanted to finish it before I went to bed.  That didn’t happen, but all I had to do was hem the armholes when I woke up in the morning.  Then I wore it to work 🙂  I also wore it to Atlanta Swing Classic, (which had I taken pictures at would have been a separate blog post in itself, wonderful event) and received good feedback on it.  Without further ado, View A.


I know they look similar but they are different in the fit, neckline, and the back.  Both of the necklines go very low. I had 5 outfit changes today and it was hot so these photos are bra-only underneath, but when I wore these for the day, I had on either a coordinating tank or bandeau underneath.  The other difference is the coverage of the shoulders and back, pictured below.  Also a note, the tropical print is a woven and not a knit (as recommended on the pattern), but you know I do what I want :).


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