Two Wrap Dresses are Better Than One – Kwik-sew 3489 Pattern Review

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but it hasn’t been for lack of sewing. Since we all know it didn’t happen if there are no pics, I had to wait for weather, photographer, and time to align.  That happened today, so there will be 4 reviews on 5 garments posted shortly. 🙂 Told ya I’ve been working!  First off, Kwik-Sew 3489.  This is a simple wrap dress pattern that I decided would be a good one to have and possibly build on.  It may be, but I will have to make it again to say for sure.  Let me tell you why.

First let’s talk about the pattern.  The pattern is simple, and the instructions are easy to follow.  However, the pictures on this post are all of the second iteration of this dress.  Why? Let me tell you.  As usual, I originally made the smallest size. I sewed facings for the first time ever (and correctly lol,) and the dress came together quickly and great.  I excitedly tried it on and……… was about two sizes too big!

I couldn’t take the dress in, there was way too much fabric.  So, I decided to use this situation as a lesson in redrafting patterns and cut the dress apart to resew.  This is where I came to the conclusion that the fabric I used was most likely the issue.  it’s a pretty, brown and gold knit that’s super stretchy, but doesn’t seem to recoil back to it’s original size once stretched.  When I compared the fabric pieces to the pattern they were all larger that what had initially been cut.  I trimmed them back down (and still took a little extra off of the bodice) and sewed everything back together. Sewing the same dress twice was frustrating but I did it in the name of learning :).

Now it fits as you see above and below, but until I make it again (out of a better quality knit) I can’t say for sure whether the pattern will work for me.  In the end, I do like the dress, just not the effort that had to be put into it.



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