Accidentally Vintage – Vogue 8784 Pattern Review


I like to call this the accidental vintage Vogue dress.  For this dress I used the pattern, Vogue 8784.  It is a wrap dress with bodice pleating and options for, a straight skirt (with pleating), a full skirt (without pleating), cap sleeves, and long sleeves.  It doesn’t look vintage on the package nor does my muslin.  The muslin was made with the straight skirt option and both sleeve styles in a mint green taffeta that will never see the light of day ;).  The taffeta version showed the pleating details well and gave the dress a very structured look.  The fabric I used is a super soft floral jacquard I found on the clearance table, which I purchased initially to be used as muslin fabric.  While it sat waiting to be used, the floral pattern grew on me and I decided to make the full skirted version of the dress.  Sometimes the pattern on a fabric makes all the difference in how something looks.  On my version the pleating detail work disappears into the pattern and the dress looks like all it needs is a petticoat or two (I may make one eventually, but I don’t like tulle) to be a vintage.

.  This pattern calls for a lining, but I omitted that and narrowed hemmed the edges. The interior is all french seamed, except the sleeves.  On the next one, I won’t french seam the skirt to the bodice, it’s a little too bulky for my liking.  For the sleeves, I used seam binding…..after I finished sewing them on three times.  Yes, three times.  The first time, there was too much extra fabric in the cap, making it puffy 80s style. The second time, I wasn’t satisfied with them being smooth enough, so I went in with my seam ripper for a third and final try.  Speaking of the sleeves, I chose that length because the cap sleeve was binding for my range of movement, and I didn’t want the dress to have long sleeves.  I will be making this pattern again in a fabric with more body and less of a pattern. 🙂


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