Angel in a Blue Dress! – Vogue 8825 Pattern Review

This weekend, I resolved to buckle down and make something work appropriate.  I still have a chair back full of clothes that I can’t wear to work.  They have been patiently waiting to make their blog debuts, but until I get time to get the pictures done they will have to continue to wait.  I ended up making two dresses and this is the first.  One day I was flipping through Vogue patterns and this silhouette caught my eye. Hello, Vogue 8825 🙂

It is an older pattern and has been reviewed many times, often compared to styles from the 1970s, However, something about it spoke to me.  The gentle hourglass shaping, the sleeve gathered into the cuff, the V-neckline all drove me to check two different stores and hunt this pattern down.

As luck would have it, once I found the pattern, this sky blue nylon/spandex knit was waiting for me on the clearance table.  It was not the recommended weight, or even the necessary length listed on the pattern, however I loved the blue and thought that a solid color would show the sleek lines and details of this dress.  With careful piece placement, and the blessing of it being a 4 way stretch, I was able to cut all the necessary pieces with nothing but scraps left.

As a pattern review, the instructions were easy to follow and for the most part, and straight-forward.  The joining of the front sleeve piece to the bodice and back was slightly confusing since I followed the early instructions to clip to the small circle.  When I began sewing the pieces together it seemed like the clipped portion would end up on the outside and not the inside.  I stared at it for a bit, and and decided to pull the little pieces while stitching hoping that the slits would be on the interior and they ended up there. In another version I will not clip and see what happens. 🙂 I machine stitched the self facing to the back seam instead of slipstitching as per the instructions and I am satisfied with the result.

As a fitting note, Once the bodice is put together, it will not hang properly without the skirt attached.  The weight of the skirt pulls the bodice down, so be cautious if you are planning on making adjustments there.  Also, I did not adjust the hem, it is 1-1/4″ deep and I’m 5’8″.  I hope the pictures help give an accurate idea of where it will fall on those slightly shorter or taller.

Overall, I love this dress.  I think the silhouette is classic and timeless.  It wears well and i have full range of movement in it.  I even have an idea to modify it into a top (that is not a tunic) to wear for dance.  More to come on that later. 🙂


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