The Almost Wrap Dress – McCalls 6884 Pattern Review

100_3140 100_3145

As promised yesterday, the second dress I made this weekend is from McCalls 6884.  It is quite a versatile mock wrap dress pattern with varied options for the sleeves, the ties, the length, the right front wrap panel, and the amount of leg revealed.  It can also be easily adapted to be an actual wrap dress if one desires.

I sewed View C without the sleeves.  The pattern calls for a medium-weight knit, but we know how well i follow those kinds of directions by now.  I used a lightweight knit, more about how i chose that later. 🙂 The instructions are straight forward, except where one instruction says stitch to the circle, when on that particular view I think it should have said box.  It is a mock wrap dress because the left panel is sewn to the right and back panels on the right side, however the right panel does hang free and actually wraps across the body to be secured by the ties.

Let’s talk about the fabric i used. 🙂 I was digging through the remnants bin at my local Hancock Fabrics, and my hand caught a silky soft feeling.  I grabbed it and yanked it out from under the piles of fleece and cotton pieces, and this beautiful magenta won me over immediately.  It must have been meant for me to make this dress, because there was slightly more than a yard in the remnant and this pattern does not require the normal 2-3 yards that other wrap dresses request.  When the sales associate saw it, she told me that she didn’t think very many people could wear this color well.  I don’t think I have that problem 🙂

100_3143 100_3139

I love this dress,  It’s super soft, silky, and feels as if it’s barely there. I think the solid color highlights the cross body gather details well.  I’ve included a close-up of the gathering below.



2 responses to “The Almost Wrap Dress – McCalls 6884 Pattern Review

  1. You look fabulous in the dress, and in that color! Found you through pattern review – I am considering this pattern, but no way would I look as amazing as you do!

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