Tale of Two Red Dresses – Dress #1 – McCalls 6920 Pattern Review


Here begins the tale of two red dresses.  Why red, you ask?  Because I had three yards of soft red satin and two red zippers.  Two dresses that at first glance appear similar, but are very different.  Let’s start with dress #1.

I picked up McCalls pattern 6920 after reading rave reviews on it’s simplicity and fit.  I had passed it up many times previously because of how it looked on the envelope cover.  Simply put, the fit was not appealing to me for my figure.  I’ve included the picture from the envelope to the right.  In my opinion, it looks baggy in the bust and waist.  Those are not areas that I need or want to hide on my frame, so extra fabric there is a no, no.  Accentuate the positives, right?

The pattern is for an unlined dress with neckline facing, and has two neckline and two hem options.  I do love a sheath dress, and after reading so many good reviews, I decided to pick it up during the last sale.  I noticed that the rave reviewers did not have the same shape as me, but figured why not give it a try.

100_3153 100_3152

It took longer than anticipated to complete this dress, considering it has no lining.  I made the smallest size.  As a positive note, even though the notches didn’t always match up for me, the lengths did and I can say that the facing fit the dress accurately.  Speaking of which, that may have contributed to the length of time it took. It was my second time using fusible interfacing (i normally use organza).  I have to be honest, I’m very disappointed, and it’s not worth the time or effort to try to fix for a better fit.  I wore it to work for pictures, but it definitely won’t go anywhere else.  As you can see below the armholes fit, but the amount of extra fabric in the front is ridiculous.  It could be classed as maternity wear for me.

100_3155 100_3156

I wanted to post it to show, that not everything works out, and just because many others people love something, doesn’t mean you will.


5 responses to “Tale of Two Red Dresses – Dress #1 – McCalls 6920 Pattern Review

  1. I think all of your projects are beautiful. You are very talented. I’m trying to teach myself to sew and Its very helpful reading all the reviews. I look forward to reading more of your reviews and seeing how the patterns turn out.

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  2. LOVE your talent! Couldn’t you take in the front seams more so it would be more fitted? Other than the neckline, the pattern appears similar to 7014 with the front seams and that one fit you lovely! Also, on the pattern 7085, would it work unlined?

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    • It wasn’t worth altering. 🙂 almost anything can work unlined, you can draft facings or turn the raw edges under and topstitch, however with something that form fitting I prefer a lining.


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