Tale of Two Red Dresses – Dress #2 – McCalls 7085 Pattern Review

100_3170 100_3166

The Tale of Two Red Dresses continues with Dress #2.  Now, I spent all of Saturday working on Dress #1.  Once it was done, and I was thoroughly disappointed with the waste of satin and time, I was in need of some sewing gratification.  i decided that Sunday I would work on McCalls 7085.  I think it’s relatively new, I couldn’t find any reviews on it and I noticed it being available recently.  It is a lined dress pattern with different sleeve, neckline, and hem options.  As I sat glaring at Dress #1, I pulled out the instructions for McCalls 7085, and read that it only has 3 pieces for View D.  The 12 darts didn’t bother me, I know some people dread them, but I don’t mind darts.  Luckily, I picked up some .99 cent per yard red rayon on Friday after work (that clearance table and I, we’re good friends), to serve as a lining in case one of the patterns i decided on needed one.

By the way, I found this satin on the clearance table at Hancock’s a while ago and I don’t know how it made it there.  It is a dream to work with.  It’s got some kind of soft undercoating on the wrong side, and during pressing the satin becomes malleable and totally well-behaved.  If this dress didn’t call for a lining, I certainly wouldn’t have minded having the wrong side of this fabric caressing me all day.  And to be completely honest, I still have more yardage left.  Don’t judge me, it was on sale for 2 or 3 dollars a yard.  You would have bought it all too. 🙂

100_3165 100_3168

Back to the story, Dress #2 didn’t take nearly as long as Dress #1, and it’s fully lined.  I loved that there were only 3 pieces.  I’m also in love with the blind hem on this one.  Once I switched presser feet, I didn’t notice my thread tension was just slightly loose until I was almost done with the hem, but between that and the way this fabric takes a press, the stitching is virtually invisible, yay!  I made the smallest size and as you can see it’s very fitted.  I generally wear a 0-4 in RTW, if that helps anyone determine how street size translates to the 6 of this pattern.  This is the type of fit I prefer, but I do understand that not everyone does. That’s okay. 🙂 To each their own, once you know what you like, go for it 🙂


10 responses to “Tale of Two Red Dresses – Dress #2 – McCalls 7085 Pattern Review

  1. The fit is so great on you and the color works so well! The pattern comparison was very helpful. I’m looking for a good basic sheath dress pattern and usually wear 0-2 RTW so will give this one a try. Thanks.

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  2. Just bought this pattern and started looking at the reviews. Your comments on size and fit are very helpful – thanks. Your dress is beautiful and you look stunning!

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