I Couldn’t Help It, It’s Shiny – Vogue 8921 Pattern Review


I couldn’t help it.  The shiny fabric had to come home with me.  It was supposed to become a pair of pants for dance, but as you can see it became a dress instead.

As a pattern review, I made View B of Vogue 8921.  

I chose the size (6) based on the finished garment bust measurement on the package (34 in).  I omitted the sleeves because it’s hot here (in the good old summertime) and I omitted the zipper, because my fabric is stretchy enough that I don’t mind pulling it on over my head.  I ended up cutting the back pieces on the fold to eliminate that seam.


This dress was relatively easy to put together, especially since I left off the zipper and sleeves. I would like to note that I’m pretty sure I cut my crossover pieces as directed and that means that they do not stretch across my body, so that tightened my waistline a bit. I prefer it, but if you want it to stretch you may want to alter the piece placement when you cut.


Overall, I like this pattern, and I will probably make both a shorter, tighter version as well as a floor-length version with sleeves for fall/winter.


4 responses to “I Couldn’t Help It, It’s Shiny – Vogue 8921 Pattern Review

  1. That’s a really cute dress and the fabric is perfect for it. I love the cross-over pieces. I’ve been eyeing that pattern for awhile, wondering..might have to splurge and get it! Clever to leave out the zipper! If the fabric’s stretch is good, why bother?

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    • You should get it! Vogue patterns are on sale, 2 for $10, at Hancock Fabrics, and today is the last day. 🙂 Those expensive little buggers can only come home with me on sale. lol


  2. Love the fabric you chose! Perfect for the pattern. You did a beautiful job as always! Thanks for including me in your email! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

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