It’s A Shirt Not A Dress – New Look 6345 Pattern Review

100_3285_Fotor 100_3277_Fotor

I saw this pattern and thought it would be a flattering style.  I made it in an afternoon, and wore it that night to a West Coast Swing social dance.  I was excited that I may have found a good pattern for a competition shirt. This is Louisiana, and whether it’s night or not, it’s hot, so I wore it with shorts. Several people told me it looked quite “pin-up” and that it was a pretty dress.  I didn’t think anything of them referring to it as a dress and not a top or shirt.  I should have paid more attention because a few of them must not have been able to see my shorts, initially. After a dance with a leader who spun me like a top, Someone came up to me and told me that it came up while I was spinning and i shouldn’t wear a dress like that to dance.  When I replied that it’s a shirt, not a dress, I was told, “Oh, so that’s why you’re wearing shorts.”  Conversations that make you go, hmmmm…

100_3278_Fotor 100_3284_Fotor

Anyway, shorts don’t fit our business dress code but white pants do, so laundry and a week later, here it is for everyone to see.  As a pattern review, I made View B without using a contrast fabric in the smallest size.  This blue and white polka dot cotton was on sale and purchased for something else, so the zipper is 2 inches shorter than the envelope suggests, but that didn’t affect the outcome. I did unintentionally end up with the zipper on the right side. Oops lol, but I like the crossover front and the silhouette. I measured the pattern for the tunic version (View A) and it’s four inches longer, so a shorter person may be able to get away with it as a dress.  The smallest size can accommodate more than I have in the bust area, but I may alter that on another version.  Hope you like it, now I’m going to leave you with the back view of my pretty gathers and crisp hem  🙂


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