Another Wrap? Yes, Another Wrap Top – Vogue 8833 Pattern Review


I decided to try the well reviewed and documented, Vogue 8833, to see if it would work for me.  Surprise, it does!  It’s an ordinary wrap shirt, with options available to vary sleeves and collars. This pattern has been reviewed many times already and there’s nothing really new to add.

My quick pattern review is, I used the size 8, with the A cup option.  I chose it because It looked appropriate for work and I used left over red satin from the Tale of Two Dresses Saga earlier this year.  I made no design changes, and if given the right fabric would possibly sew it again.  I’ve made so many wrap type garments this year, it might be a while before that happens.  I would recommend the pattern, of course. It is a tried and true basic style.

20150810_151720_Fotor    20150810_151826_Fotor