Another Drape Top for Work – Burda 6838 Pattern Review

100_3317_FotorI always get stopped by these drape top patterns, it seems I just can’t pass them up.  I’ve already done two, and I have two more that I haven’t even tried yet.  You will see them in a soonish, one of these days, as soon as some fabric jumps out at me, kind of timeframe.  So here we go, I managed to use a piece from my stash that I picked up from the Hancock Fabrics remnant bin, so I only had a yard.  It’s still warm in Louisiana though, so who needs sleeves?  (As I say that, we won’t discuss how I bought two similar but different velvets yesterday, and made a velvet dress from my stash on Saturday.  We’ll call it winter prep!)  Anyway, say hello to Burda 6838!

As a sewing pattern review, I made View A in the smallest size, a 10.  It is definitely hip length on me, and I’m 5’8.  The instructions were easy to follow, I just didn’t like when I got to the first set that said to handsew.  Like a good girl, I did it anyway.  It wasn’t too much and went by quickly.  I used a very soft, silky, dusty rose jersey that feels great to wear.  I did not add the sleeves, as discussed above and used Steam-A-Seam on the armholes for a clean finish.

100_3321_Fotor 100_3318_Fotor

Oh and I finally broke out the twin needle on my machine and per the instructions stitched the back hem with it.  And then unpicked it, and stitched it again, and unpicked it, and stitched it again, and unpicked it  Then I did as I should have done initially and tested the twin needle on scrap fabric until I figured out exactly how much paper I needed to stabilize the jersey for a clean stitch. Once I learned it needed at least 4 layers of the paper i had on hand, I stitched it cleanly for the fourth and final time.  As a side note, it took longer to mess it up and unpick it three times, than it did to use the scrap fabric to test several times and then do it well.  (You’ll be happy to know that I learned my lesson this time.  On the velvet dress, I used the scrap fabric to test first and then stitched it up, no stabilizer required and no problems).

I would recommend this pattern, I like this top, it’s flattering and simple. A co-worker told me this morning, “You should make more of those.. no, really!”  I consider that a win.100_3320_Fotor


11 responses to “Another Drape Top for Work – Burda 6838 Pattern Review

  1. Really cute! I also have a ‘thing’ for draped tops and my pattern stash is full of them, yet you’ve found one I don’t have. Just might have to invest!

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      • The top is lovely, and I like it sleeveless! I made this out of an old bamboo sheet to test, but I cannot figure out what to do with the slash on the right front. Can you explain it to me? (And btw, I DID figure out that the 2-way stretch is critical!). Thanks.

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      • Hi! I just looked at the directions again and pulled the top out. If you’re talking about that little horizontal cut we’re supposed to make, that’s where it folds under, but after the top was done, I remember thinking i want to omit it next time and see if there’s any noticeable difference.


  2. I just found your post! I’m going to try this pattern the weekend but I’m getting stuck on what size to use does it seem to be accurate with the sizing of clothes I’m the stores? I usually buy a large in tops. I went by the sizing chart and was all over it if I went in the middle I should use the size 22! Not good for the ego!kj

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