Wrap Me in Velvet – McCalls 7186 Pattern Review

100_3344_Fotor 100_3343_Fotor

Here is one of the textured velvets I just couldn’t pass up.  The colors are more vivid in person, but these pictures were at close to sundown so you can’t see the sparkly flowers that well.  It’s technically not cold enough here for me to wear it all day, so I used the coolest time of the day to take photos.  Fall weather in Louisiana tends to have a 30-40 degree range through the day, We start out before dawn in the 50s, rise to the 80s-90s by lunch time, and back down to the 60s-50s after sundown.

100_3350_Fotor 100_3348_Fotor

As a pattern review, the description says “Close-fitting, pullover dresses have front extending into back collar, gathered shoulders, and stitched hems.” I would like to point out that the gathered shoulders may apply for a regular knit, but the velvet didn’t really need gathering.  I think there are three “gathers” on each side, and I know I cut the pieces properly.  Maybe because it’s thicker than your average knit? I don’t see that many gathers on the sleeves of the solid color one, so maybe it’s supposed to be more of a hint of gathering and not a real good gathering, like on the side. 🙂

I used the smallest size, a 6 for View A which is like the picture to the left, except sleeveless.  I adore the velvet I used.  It has embossed-like muted tone flowers trimmed with small sparkly stones on a bed of velvet dyed rich browns, golds, and oranges…I wish you could see it in person.  As for the pattern, I didn’t make any design changes this time.  I would definitely make it again with sleeves, and I may deepen the arm holes for the next sleeveless iteration.


I like this dress, the only thing that makes me slightly sad about it, is that a whole panel of my pretty fabric is hidden by the right front. They could have used a left bodice front only instead of a full panel. At least my front will definitely be warm. 🙂 The pattern used a narrow hem for the armholes, and didn’t denote using a twin needle to finish the hem, but I did anyway.  Now I need to decide what to do with the other textured velvet.  It’s a similar composition but with burgundy instead of orange.  Off to the pattern stash I go! 🙂


11 responses to “Wrap Me in Velvet – McCalls 7186 Pattern Review

  1. I really love this dress on you! It’s absolutely stunning! I like that way you’re wearing it with the boots too…it makes it a little more casual! Cool thought!


    • Thank you! 🙂 Fur boots are my go to when it’s cool enough. It took me forever to hop on the fur boot train, now that I have I’m working on a pair to match the green fur coat 🙂


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