A Velvet Dress for Fall – Burda 6829 Pattern Review

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I’ve had this velvet in my stash since last year.  I found a bolt of this on the clearance table for an insanely low price a yard.  So, I bought the bolt.  I initially had envisioned using most of the bolt to make a floor length wrap dress with long sleeves and an amazingly full skirt for winter.  Then I started testing wrap dress patterns (as you can see from the previous posts on my blog) and couldn’t decide on a pattern to use as the base for my vision.  Fall is coming though and I’ve decided it’s going to be a velvet time of year. So Burda 6829 gets to make a debut in my wardrobe.  I liked this pattern at first sight, the crossover front that gathers to the side drew me in.  As mentioned in the previous post, I purchased two textured velvets last week, with this pattern in mind for one of them. However as I prepped the pattern, I decided to put them aside and use the green and black velvet from my stash instead.  It has been waiting patiently for a year to be something and it wants to come out and play.

As a sewing pattern review I made View A in the smallest size, which is an 8.  The instructions were easy to follow.  The changes that I made were very small.  I did not use interfacing on the facing pieces. I also used the twin needle on the hems of the front pieces instead of edgestitching per the instructions. The instructions direct you to use the twin needle on the back hem and I wanted to have a clean twin line from one front edge to the other.   I noticed on someone else’s review, there was a comment about not liking how the instructions direct you to hem the front pieces and back piece separately.  Everyone is different and will have their preferences, and I understand why intuitively one would want to complete the hem at one time. I decided to follow the instructions and liked the outcome and the method.  Maybe the instructions had it done separately because it used two different finishes…who knows?  Just a hypothesis.

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Anyway, the pattern is well drafted,the dress went together quickly, and I like it.  As a note, for anyone that is going to make the View B (like me :), eventually) the sleeves in the picture are not pushed up to show forearm.  It is not a full length sleeve, but I wouldn’t consider it 3/4″ length either (at least not for me, I’m 5’8″).  I will be adding length to it to make it full length when I make this pattern again. So, depending on your preferences you may want to compare and add (or subtract) length to suit your needs.

Also having worn it for a complete work day, after it comes out of the wash, I will tack the facings down along the length of the neckline.  They work their way out as I move my shoulders during the course of the day.  I may also release the right side and restitch it so that the left skirt panel is not caught in the seam for the entire length.  I think making them more even inside will eliminate the slight snugness that shows on the left side since the left skirt panel is sewn much farther down than the right panel.  Some stuff you just don’t decide til ya wear it for 10 hours. 🙂

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