I Made A Jumper and I Like It – Simplicity 1325 Pattern Review

Yep, for some reason I made a jumper.  I picked up Simplicity 1325 sometime ago on sale.  The pattern kept calling to me from my stash, probably because of the V-neck. I haven’t made the shirt from the pattern yet, but I plan to soon.  I wore a sweater with it for pictures since it was around 50-60 degrees that day.  Look my jumper even has pockets!

As a pattern review, I made View C in a size 6.  The instructions were easy to follow, and I actually followed every one in order without alterations. 🙂 I even followed the one to slipstitch the lining down (instead of stitching in the ditch, lol)! I used an odd knit I picked up from Hancock Fabrics that only stretches on the bias, and had black flocking until I washed it.  So if you see it at the store and love it, know that the flocking will end up in your lint trap if you put it in the dryer.

This was also my first time doing a lapped zip, per the instructions instead of an invisible zip.  I had to run to Walmart to go get a regular one, it appears I  only stash invisibles :).  I don’t know why my photographer didn’t flip the lap down after I took off my jacket, but hey now you can see it. 🙂  All in all, this is a nice pattern to put together and will be useful to alter for your own ideas.



Ooohh, It’s Alpaca! Faux, Of Course – McCall’s 7057 Pattern Review


Here I am again, sewing with fur.  I had my eye on McCalls 7057 for quite a while and collected it sometime ago.  I couldn’t ever find a fabric i wanted to make it in when I went to the fabric store, until fur went on sale again.  I was spending time with my family and my mom needed cotton thread to finish her quilted Christmas place mats, so we took a field trip to the fabric store.  I wandered into the fur aisle, while she decided what colors she wanted.  As I focused in on a beige faux llama, my mom walked over and redirected me to this faux alpaca in black, white, and gray, saying, “You know you like soft…”  Yes, yes I do like soft fabrics, and it was 50% off, so it came home with me.  After it had been purchased, I mentioned the label said it was faux alpaca and she said, “Like on American Gangster.”  Thanks, Mommy.

As a pattern review, I made View B in an XS, which was listed on the pattern as having a bust of 37″.  In the pattern drawings and photos it appears longer with the pockets higher up on the pattern than it turned out.   The instructions were easy to follow; I thought about interlining it with fleece but decided not to.  Since I used fur I eliminated all topstitching. I lengthened the sleeves by 3″ at the lengthen/shorten line prior to cutting out the pieces. I made a couple thread loops for the belt and I left my edges raw, except for the faced front pieces.

I would sew the pattern again. I would also recommend it to others, with the caution to measure appropriate lengths and check pocket placement for their individual needs.  I like this jacket, there are varying ways to wear it and the hood is actually deep enough for all my hair.   I got several compliments at work and people randomly rubbing my arm or asking to touch it.  One co-worker told me that I was super soft and cuddly.  I can live with being cuddly. 🙂

Another Blue Dress – McCall’s 7249 Pattern Review


Yes, it’s a slightly different fabric, but another blue dress, nonetheless.  I picked up McCall’s pattern 7249 on a whim and decided to use something in my stash to make it.  I’m trying to pare down my stash this winter.  The bin I have reserved for fabric is overflowing into a bag and a second smaller bin.  I need to stop passing by the remnants table on my way out of the fabric store.

As a pattern review, I made View D without sleeves in a Size 6.  Or you could say I made View A in the dress version.  The instructions were easy to follow.  The only changes I made were making the dress sleeveless and using Steam-A-Seam on the hem instead of stitching it.

This dress was a relatively quick and easy sew. I think it’s a little plain in the solid color but a co-worker told me I could dress it up with jewelry. 🙂  It was definitely comfortable all day.

A Simple Velvet Dress – Simplicity 1018 Pattern Review

Another velvet dress you ask?  Yes, this is the last one for now.  I wanted to choose a simple pattern to showcase the designs embossed in the velvet I found.  Simplicity 1018 seemed to fit the bill and it was a relatively simple sew.  Between work and dance competitions it took me a month to get around to writing the blog post, sorry about that.

As a pattern review I made View A, without the elastic in the sleeves.  The instructions were easy, however I deviated from them on the seam allowances and hem depth.  I used a 3/8″ seam allowance instead of 5/8″ just to make sure as much of my pretty sparkly flowers would show as possible. I also used a narrow hem of about 1/4″ for the sleeves and skirt. I think it would have been too short (on me, I’m 5’8″) had I taken the full hem, and the sleeves were definitely too short. I knew they weren’t long enough prior to cutting and I intended to extend them when I cut the pieces out, but I cut on autopilot and only remembered after I cut the last piece.

If needed I would sew it again.  It’s a nice, simple dress pattern. I would however, extend the sleeves to full length, were I to make it again. I would also measure the length I would want and adjust the pattern accordingly instead of going by the cutting lines. I’m too tall for this one straight out of the envelope.