A Simple Velvet Dress – Simplicity 1018 Pattern Review

Another velvet dress you ask?  Yes, this is the last one for now.  I wanted to choose a simple pattern to showcase the designs embossed in the velvet I found.  Simplicity 1018 seemed to fit the bill and it was a relatively simple sew.  Between work and dance competitions it took me a month to get around to writing the blog post, sorry about that.

As a pattern review I made View A, without the elastic in the sleeves.  The instructions were easy, however I deviated from them on the seam allowances and hem depth.  I used a 3/8″ seam allowance instead of 5/8″ just to make sure as much of my pretty sparkly flowers would show as possible. I also used a narrow hem of about 1/4″ for the sleeves and skirt. I think it would have been too short (on me, I’m 5’8″) had I taken the full hem, and the sleeves were definitely too short. I knew they weren’t long enough prior to cutting and I intended to extend them when I cut the pieces out, but I cut on autopilot and only remembered after I cut the last piece.

If needed I would sew it again.  It’s a nice, simple dress pattern. I would however, extend the sleeves to full length, were I to make it again. I would also measure the length I would want and adjust the pattern accordingly instead of going by the cutting lines. I’m too tall for this one straight out of the envelope.


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