Ooohh, It’s Alpaca! Faux, Of Course – McCall’s 7057 Pattern Review


Here I am again, sewing with fur.  I had my eye on McCalls 7057 for quite a while and collected it sometime ago.  I couldn’t ever find a fabric i wanted to make it in when I went to the fabric store, until fur went on sale again.  I was spending time with my family and my mom needed cotton thread to finish her quilted Christmas place mats, so we took a field trip to the fabric store.  I wandered into the fur aisle, while she decided what colors she wanted.  As I focused in on a beige faux llama, my mom walked over and redirected me to this faux alpaca in black, white, and gray, saying, “You know you like soft…”  Yes, yes I do like soft fabrics, and it was 50% off, so it came home with me.  After it had been purchased, I mentioned the label said it was faux alpaca and she said, “Like on American Gangster.”  Thanks, Mommy.

As a pattern review, I made View B in an XS, which was listed on the pattern as having a bust of 37″.  In the pattern drawings and photos it appears longer with the pockets higher up on the pattern than it turned out.   The instructions were easy to follow; I thought about interlining it with fleece but decided not to.  Since I used fur I eliminated all topstitching. I lengthened the sleeves by 3″ at the lengthen/shorten line prior to cutting out the pieces. I made a couple thread loops for the belt and I left my edges raw, except for the faced front pieces.

I would sew the pattern again. I would also recommend it to others, with the caution to measure appropriate lengths and check pocket placement for their individual needs.  I like this jacket, there are varying ways to wear it and the hood is actually deep enough for all my hair.   I got several compliments at work and people randomly rubbing my arm or asking to touch it.  One co-worker told me that I was super soft and cuddly.  I can live with being cuddly. 🙂


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