Stained Glass Dress – Vogue 9100 Pattern Review


Vogue 9100 has been a thorn in my side since last year when I purchased the pattern and discovered the skirt pieces were drafted incorrectly.  I was initially interested in it because the drawing on the envelope looked like a full skirt and I though it would be cute for summer.  I called and emailed Vogue, paid the postage to send it to them, they sent me another one with a coupon for a Butterick pattern supposedly to make up for me paying postage. I think that’s silly considering they screwed up a Vogue pattern, they should send me a coupon for a Vogue pattern to make up for my postage.  I barely glance at the Butterick catalog, so it’s still sitting somewhere unused.

The new pattern has been sitting waiting for me, so I decided that all that effort required me make the dress.  In the meantime I researched the pattern and learned that both the drawings on the envelope and the picture of the model on Vogue’s website are misleading. The model is wearing a petticoat to make the skirt appear full. It is not. Even though once i delved into the pattern I didn’t think I would be happy with the result, i went to Hancock Fabrics, picked out this pretty stained glass-esque fabric in peacock colors, and got to sewing.

As a pattern review, I made a size 10 of view A.  The instructions were easy to follow, however, you may want to make a muslin of the bodice (I did).  The construction order has sewing the shoulders as one of the last steps.

i thought I would like this one.  When it was done, I didn’t. I let it hang and look at me for a few days, and by the time I put it on to wear to work today, it had grown on me a little bit. I wouldn’t sew it again, it’s just not my usual aesthetic.:) Live and learn. 🙂


14 responses to “Stained Glass Dress – Vogue 9100 Pattern Review

  1. Yours was the one I found the most stunning when I googled images of this pattern. It’s a very flattering colors and style for you! Beautiful!

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