An Easy Cotton Dress – McCalls 7315 Pattern Review

I thought I was going to like McCalls 7315.  I really did.  I saw the fabric on the live model from the pattern envelope in the store, but didn’t really like it.  I even almost bought the watercolor satin fabric shown on envelope for view D.  I’m really glad that I didn’t.  It is a very easy pattern as advertised, I just don’t like it on me and for me.  I thought I would like the V-neck and asymmetrical hemline. I don’t like either.  The neckline is too high and the hemline seems unbalanced on me.

As a pattern review, this one is  described as “dresses with neckline variations,” (1 variation) “fitted, lined bodice, skirt cut on crosswise grain, shaped hemline, wrong side shows, back zipper and narrow hem.”  I used a size 8 in view D with no hem band in a Floral Cotton Print from Hancock Fabrics (yes, I am so sad they are closing; however that liquidation “sale” is ridiculous and will not benefit from my patronage).

The pattern is very easy as it states, that much is accurate. I just don’t like the end result. If it is what you’re looking for though, then it should be an easy and relatively quick project for even a beginner to take on.  🙂


7 responses to “An Easy Cotton Dress – McCalls 7315 Pattern Review

  1. I think it’s one of those makes that you need to push to the back of the wardrobe and bring out in a month. First impressions, really nice dress, but if it doesn’t fit with your mental picture of how it should be, perhaps it needs to be put aside for a little while, and tried on again later.


    • Thank you 🙂 I hung it and stared at it for a while before I wore it to work for pictures. I’ve decided to keep it in the work clothes section of the closet and just wear it there until I decide to reclaim the skirt for a muslin or something. I have an unspoken (until now) goal of reclaiming/recycling/redesigning everything I don’t want to wear from my wardrobe into something I do want to wear or something useful. 🙂 it’s going to take a while, but since hancock is closing, i’lll be pulling more muslin fabric from my closet.


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