Excuse Me, Your Back Is Showing – McCalls 7191 Pattern Review

I was looking through patterns for a top that I could possibly wear for dance competitions this summer, and came across McCalls 7191.  It seems I can’t resist a V-neck pattern.  My mom gifted a blue and green lightweight woven to me from her stash (Why she had polyester in there? I don’t know, because she’s a cotton girl from way back! But, I got more pretties from her that you will see soon, so no complaints here 🙂 !) that I thought was perfect for it, so I got to work.

As a pattern review, this one is described as “semi-fitted, pullover tops have self-lined yoke back, back hemline variations, V-neckline, French darts and narrow hem.”  I used a size 6 and made View A.  The instructions were easy to follow, and the only change I made was instead of slipstitching the yoke per the instructions, I stitched the neckline in one pass, so the raw edge lays between the overlay and yoke unseen when worn.  As a note, there are four layers of fabric across your upper back when doing view A.  Also the muslin showed me the arm holes would probably be too small.  To accommodate that issue, I cut extra length on the armhole facings and deepened the armholes to taste after it was put together before applying the facings.
I like this top and will sew it again.  On the next iteration, I will alter the pattern to deepen the armholes, lower the neckline slightly, rotate the bust darts down slightly, and possibly lower the overlay in back. It conceals the bra completely while standing still but not necessarily while moving. 🙂  Not truly bothersome for me, but if it can be fixed, why not?  🙂


6 responses to “Excuse Me, Your Back Is Showing – McCalls 7191 Pattern Review

    • Thank you 🙂 I suspect the blues and pattern are what caught my mom’s eye when she bought it. Normally I walk through the fabric store with my hand running along the aisles and piles, and stop when something feels good, then pull it out and see what it is. 🙂 and if it’s on sale lol


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