Aerial Silks Saturday – From Butterfly to Airplane


So I had another unfortunate 3 week break , but today i was back in the air!  We worked on a new skill that will take a little time for me to get under my belt (double foot knot in the air as prep for inverted scorpion).  I will definitely be adding more hanging leg lifts to my workouts in order to get that skill.  I also learned a move out of Butterfly, called Airplane.  And I actually managed to do it, the third time and final I tried! Yay!



Aerial Silks Saturday – 3 Moves in 1 Day :)

Silks class was great today.  I nailed the single silk foot knot in the air on the first try! I was taught this skill last week, and was only able to do it twice then (and it wasn’t pretty lol). Not to mention, I accidentally erased the video from last week, so there were no pictures of the move also shown above, Star.

After getting over the excitement of my immediate success climbing and doing a single silk foot knot in the air, I learned Butterfly and Witch’s Broom.

I also learned another move that will take some work to get into and hold.  Pics of that will have to wait until I get stronger.  Mastering the single silk foot knot in the air opens up so many possibilities, and now I need to work on making the transition from climbing to knot smooth and graceful. 🙂  Happy Saturday!

Aerial Silks Saturday – Rotisserie and Scorpion


I’ve had an unfortunate three week break from aerial silks.  One week, class was canceled, unfortunately this was not discovered until after I got there. The next week, I was at New Orleans Dance Mardi Gras for my West Coast Swing fix.  The third week, I attended the United Bayou Belly Festival in Lafayette for a day of workshops.100E2827

Of course I had forgotten some of the new stuff from 4 weeks ago (I should have written them down, shame on me), but I remembered Rotisserie (pictured above) and learned Scorpion (pictured below).



Let’s Talk Silks…Aerial That is…


I took a 4 week Aerial Silks class in January of this year and loved it.  Even though I didn’t have enough arm strength to climb the silks, I resolved to get stronger and better the next time around.  The teacher is pretty awesome and I definitely would like to take a class with her again. 

Her next class was in June, but didn’t mesh with my summer dance schedule (belly dance is still a priority after all),  so color me disappointed. 😦 Then I found a class in the next town with one time slot that would fit in my already pretty full dance card.  Since the class had a Groupon special going on, I took the plunge and committed to making that drive.

This Spring was a busy, Belly and Ballroom dance filled time for me; and my resolution to get stronger fell to the wayside for a while.  However, having found a class that I could take, I renewed my resolve to get stronger.  I started a push up challenge with someone (they are winning, but I’m getting stronger lol), and started a pull up challenge with someone else (i’m winning, but only with a slight edge),

I’m not reinventing the wheel here, I’m sharing what has helped me.  One of the most helpful tools on how to get better is Laura Witwer’s Blog. An experienced aerialist and teacher (with a penchant for writing) she updates her blog regularly about various topics related to various circus apparatus, aerial and circus training, diet, and things that she has learned along the way to becoming the Aerial performer and teacher she is today. 

Long story short, unless you’re a serious gymnast or athlete, it’s going to take time to develop the functional strength and stamina necessary to be awesome at this activity.  Have fun with it, celebrate the small milestones, and keep working at it.  Everyone starts somewhere 🙂

I’ll leave you with this inspirational aerial straps video.