Purple Suede Trench Coat – Simplicity 2311 Pattern Review

Finally, I own a trench coat.  Every girl needs one you know, why not have it in purple suede?  I know it’s been longer than a month since the last post, but I waited for the cotton flannel to go on sale for this one, so sorry so late 🙂

I’ve had the suede and lining in my stash for a couple years, so it’s about time it got put to good use.  I found it under the sale table at my local (now closed) Hancock Fabrics, marked down to $1 a yard.  I left it there for a couple weeks, and then one day I foun2311d the purple lining fabric on top of the table for about $2 a yard.  At that point I decided it was fate, something had to be made from it, and so I bought 5 yards of both.

Fast forward to November and as I was flipping through my patterns, it came to me.  It would be perfect for a variation of Simplicity 2311.  I loved the the lapels, the length, the belt and closure.

As a pattern review, this is a Project Runway design pattern, where you can mix and match elements. I made a Size 4 in the View B front, long length, regular sleeve, tie belt closure.

The instructions were easy to follow, but do include a lot of flipping back and forth between the pages if you’re making anything other than View A.  I used a purple suede with waterproof backing from my stash, cotton flannel (from Joann’s Black Friday sale) for the interlining, and a purple polyester lining (also from my stash).

As far as changes go, I made a few.  I omitted shoulder pads, interlined it in cotton flannel (for warmth, of course), added a hang loop at the interior neckline, and I had to add 2.5″ to the sleeve so that it would fit properly.  The sleeve has an ease point at the elbow. My extension was added above that so that the easing for the elbow bend sat in the correct place.  Adding it at the bottom would not have worked.  Oddly enough, even though the sleeve was too short, the pockets sat in the right place for me, as did the belt and carriers.

I would sew this again, most definitely.  I think it looks great, (if I do say so myself).  I love the look of this coat and it’s so soft and not too heavy to carry if not needed immediately.   It was hard to capture the color accurately in these pictures.  A couple pictures from in the sun are below.


Ooohh, It’s Alpaca! Faux, Of Course – McCall’s 7057 Pattern Review


Here I am again, sewing with fur.  I had my eye on McCalls 7057 for quite a while and collected it sometime ago.  I couldn’t ever find a fabric i wanted to make it in when I went to the fabric store, until fur went on sale again.  I was spending time with my family and my mom needed cotton thread to finish her quilted Christmas place mats, so we took a field trip to the fabric store.  I wandered into the fur aisle, while she decided what colors she wanted.  As I focused in on a beige faux llama, my mom walked over and redirected me to this faux alpaca in black, white, and gray, saying, “You know you like soft…”  Yes, yes I do like soft fabrics, and it was 50% off, so it came home with me.  After it had been purchased, I mentioned the label said it was faux alpaca and she said, “Like on American Gangster.”  Thanks, Mommy.

As a pattern review, I made View B in an XS, which was listed on the pattern as having a bust of 37″.  In the pattern drawings and photos it appears longer with the pockets higher up on the pattern than it turned out.   The instructions were easy to follow; I thought about interlining it with fleece but decided not to.  Since I used fur I eliminated all topstitching. I lengthened the sleeves by 3″ at the lengthen/shorten line prior to cutting out the pieces. I made a couple thread loops for the belt and I left my edges raw, except for the faced front pieces.

I would sew the pattern again. I would also recommend it to others, with the caution to measure appropriate lengths and check pocket placement for their individual needs.  I like this jacket, there are varying ways to wear it and the hood is actually deep enough for all my hair.   I got several compliments at work and people randomly rubbing my arm or asking to touch it.  One co-worker told me that I was super soft and cuddly.  I can live with being cuddly. 🙂