Simple Tops For Fall – New Look 6108 Pattern Review

Do you ever buy fabric for a purpose, then change your mind, then go back to your original idea, and then change your mind, and then put it away and let it sit for a while?  I won’t lie, I do.  Last year, I intended to use this fabric to newlook-sportswear-pattern-6108-envelope-frontmake pants for a dance competition, but later nixed the idea and set the fabric aside in my stash for a later time.  Since I’m currently in stash busting mode, I pulled it out and put it to work.  So now I have two purple and silver shimmery tops from New Look 6108.

I picked up this pattern last year as well, but never got around to trying it out.  I made a size 4 in View A and View B.  The instructions were easy to follow but my copy had some printed mistakes.

View A: #7 says to stitch 1/4″ away from the edge and 1/4″ below the just stitched line. That didn’t make sense to me, since that would put it on the edge of the fabric, so instead I stitched  1/4″ above the first stitched line. Maybe if you’re using a zigzag stitch, that might make sense, however I straight stitched the entire shirt.

View B,C: #5 says for View C, but gives directions for twisting the shoulders of View B. It also says twist two times, but that only works if you consider 1 twist = 180 degrees. I tried it with two full 360 degree twists and it would not have looked like the pattern drawing or envelope picture.

I also found both patterns to be rather short on length, so instead of using the drafted depth of hems marked on the patterns,  I used narrow hems instead.

Either way, I like them both and will most likely make them again.  Happy Sewing! 🙂

It’s A Shirt Not A Dress – New Look 6345 Pattern Review

100_3285_Fotor 100_3277_Fotor

I saw this pattern and thought it would be a flattering style.  I made it in an afternoon, and wore it that night to a West Coast Swing social dance.  I was excited that I may have found a good pattern for a competition shirt. This is Louisiana, and whether it’s night or not, it’s hot, so I wore it with shorts. Several people told me it looked quite “pin-up” and that it was a pretty dress.  I didn’t think anything of them referring to it as a dress and not a top or shirt.  I should have paid more attention because a few of them must not have been able to see my shorts, initially. After a dance with a leader who spun me like a top, Someone came up to me and told me that it came up while I was spinning and i shouldn’t wear a dress like that to dance.  When I replied that it’s a shirt, not a dress, I was told, “Oh, so that’s why you’re wearing shorts.”  Conversations that make you go, hmmmm…

100_3278_Fotor 100_3284_Fotor

Anyway, shorts don’t fit our business dress code but white pants do, so laundry and a week later, here it is for everyone to see.  As a pattern review, I made View B without using a contrast fabric in the smallest size.  This blue and white polka dot cotton was on sale and purchased for something else, so the zipper is 2 inches shorter than the envelope suggests, but that didn’t affect the outcome. I did unintentionally end up with the zipper on the right side. Oops lol, but I like the crossover front and the silhouette. I measured the pattern for the tunic version (View A) and it’s four inches longer, so a shorter person may be able to get away with it as a dress.  The smallest size can accommodate more than I have in the bust area, but I may alter that on another version.  Hope you like it, now I’m going to leave you with the back view of my pretty gathers and crisp hem  🙂

Vests Are For Girls Too – New Look 6914 Pattern Review

I saw vests all summer and fall, only problem with that is that they were all on guys. I wanted one! (Or two or three or you get the point…) So I found a pattern for a basic one for women, New Look 6914.

Now, I have a bone to pick with this pattern.  I chose the smallest size and made a test.  The muslin seemed slightly bigger than I would prefer but I made the first one in that size and lined to see for sure. It was a little too big.

I wear between a 0-4 in ready to wear. Which, according to the back of the envelope, would be a Size 12. There was no way I was going to make a 12.  The back of the envelope also had the size 4 garment measurement as 35 for the bust. So, I made the 4 and it was too big. Need I say more about the poor sizing guide?

Other than that, I redrafted the necessary pieces and made a smaller one. The second one fits as it should.  For both vests I used View A, with the faux welt pockets of View B and I didn’t use a buckle belted back.

The first version is a white polyester jacquard with a light pink satin lining, the interfacing used was either a nylon or polyester organza. The second version is a red and black crushed taffeta, with a black satin lining, and the same type of interfacing.  I typically wear it with a bandeau and not full shirt underneath, but I wore it to work for the pictures below.

I must admit, I am disappointed that the smallest size came out too large. However, after the necessary adjustments I am pleased with this pattern for a basic vest.  I used covered buttons on both for a cleaner finish.