A Velvet Jacket for Fall – McCalls 7254 Pattern Review

They tell me it’s officially Fall. ¬†The weather here doesn’t necessarily agree, but I live down south so that’s to be expected. ūüôā So what’s Fall without a new, pretty jacket? ¬†With the curvy lines of McCalls 7254 whisperingm7254 to me to make it, I couldn’t resist. ¬†And in nothing less¬†than red stretch velvet, because it’s almost red velvet season.

As a note, I purchased this velvet from FABRIC BRAVO- Better Service! on Amazon.  I ordered 2 yards and was sent 1 yard and 34 inches.  I emailed them about it and went ahead and used the fabric since I was able to squeeze my pattern pieces on it.  Lesson learned, though.

As a pattern review I made¬†View E in an XS. ¬†The sleeve on the pattern was short on me (I’m 5’8″) so I added 3″ to the length. ¬†I debated on whether to interface the collar. ¬†I eventually decided to do so, to ensure the collar would lay flat.

I like this jacket, the only thing lacking is pockets ūüôā ¬†I won’t complain though since velvet was not a recommended fabric. ¬†It’s supposed to be for sweater knits. ¬†The next time¬†I make it, I may not interface the collar, depending on the material I use. ¬†But until then I will certainly enjoy this one.