Doctor Who Novelty Dress – McCalls 6696 Pattern Review

This dress turned out so well.  I want several of them, and I have Kittenish Behaviour to thank (Thank you, girl! :)).  I saw this pattern when it came out and passed on it because I felt like the envelope photo made View D look boxy,  A had a belt and I don’t own belts, I didn’t like the gathers on the back shown in the line drawing, and buttons mean handsewing and I’m not about that life, LOL!  However, I was listening to Sian’s vlogs, and saw her floral version with the pink buttons and it made me look twice.  She wears it in several videos and each time I saw it, I wanted it.  Then when I searched for it, I saw so many lovely ladies loved the pattern I knew I had to give it a go.  I used the holiday (Labor Day) to pick up a swirly red and black cotton from Joann and off to sew I went.  I loved it, so I immediately made two more including this nifty Doctor Who version.

As a pattern review, I made View A in a size 10, and I picked that size based on the finished garment bust measurement and how much wearing ease I wanted.  The instructions were easy to follow, however I only followed the construction order.  I used what I’ve seen called the burrito method to cleanly attach the fronts to the yoke without slipstitching.  I topstitched the yoke, front band, waistband, and collar like on a man’s button down shirt, so I didn’t slipstitch anything indicated on the pattern.  When I made my muslin, I tried the gathers and didn’t like it, tried a pleat of the excess and didn’t like that either, so I redrafted the back piece. In doing so, I removed the ease at the top (2″) and the ease at the bottom (3″).  In case you can’t see the detail, here’s a closer look.

KODAK Digital Still Camera



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