A Jacket For Dance – McCalls 7026 Pattern Review

100_3296_Fotor  100_3290_Fotor

I’ve had McCall’s 7026 in my stash for a while, I fell in love with the back shaping as soon as I saw it. I just couldn’t figure out what kind of fabric I wanted to use to make it.  Every time I went to the store looking for something, nothing jumped out at me.  I saw other reviews from people using lightweight knits for running jackets, but I get cold easily and wanted something a  little heavier.  I had some leftover red fleece in my stash and a free weekend before a dance competition so I made a muslin of the size 6 to test it.  I consider this muslin quite wearable, even without a zipper.

As a pattern review, I used a red fleece to make the the size 6 of View C (shown above and to the right) without the lace and trim.  The instructions were easy to follow, the pieces were well drafted and fit together nicely.  I really like the shape of the jacket, especially the back and the hand cuffs.  I didn’t use a zipper because I didn’t go anywhere that day and don’t keep separating zippers on hand.  I actually like it without the zipper and I love the fit and shape of the back.


This muslin has proven quite wearable. I wanted this jacket for the cold ballrooms at dance competitions. I’ve worn it to two now and it keeps me warm while I wait and if I dance in it before I warm up, it moves with me and doesn’t swing and hit my leader. I would definitely make it again, perhaps with the hood and a zipper for outdoor wear.


6 responses to “A Jacket For Dance – McCalls 7026 Pattern Review

  1. That is super cute! I have that pattern and have been looking for fabric that would be suitable, but haven’t found the right thing. Maybe I’ll copy yours and try fleece! Thanks for the idea…

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